JET Dynamic Spectrum Tuner

JET Dynamic Spectrum Tuner

JET Dynamic Spectrum Tuner is a powerful tuning package
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DYNAMIC SPECTRUM TUNERS - Designed for the performance enthusiast who wants total control of their vehicle's programming, the JET Dynamic Spectrum Tuner is a powerful tuning package. JET’s DST software provides you with the tools needed for precise performance tuning using your laptop or PC. Use of this software will give you the ability to modify virtually every aspect of the vehicle’s programming. The comprehensive, easy to use software allows extensive modification to the vehicle’s software. This allows control of fuel and spark tables, speed and rev limiters, transmission functions, torque management tables and many other functions. Modifications are made using detailed table and graph views for easy and accurate parameter editing. Your modifications are saved as a new file and downloaded to the vehicle’s computer.

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  • Question: I am having issues reading or connecting while encountering 8020 error? I've installed all correctly and am running Windows 8.1. Any suggestions to why I can't get it to read or work would be great.

    According to the various reports on forums, users encountered this issue but as temporary one. This was more like a strange behavior rather than an error. Restart the software and check all the configuration parameters and then repeat the main procedure. Additionally, check the cables, driver installation and the ports.

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